Faulty or damaged goods

Please open all packages with care and keep the packaging in case goods need to be returned.

In the unlikely event that you receive goods damaged in transit or faulty goods please contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We will replace any goods damaged in transit but please send us an email with photos, please note we cannot refund or cancel an order simply due to damage caused in transit, but we will replace them without charge - just email us some photographs of the damage. 

In the event we request the return of the plates, please remember that you will be responsible for the goods until we receive them and therefore for your own protection we suggest that you use a delivery method which requires a signature upon delivery.

Cancellations & refunds

We are not liable to refund or cancel a transaction once your plates have been produced because it is a bespoke product - plates cannot be re-sold with your registration on and costs have been incurred to fulfill the order. As such our products do not fall under the distance selling regulations, and there is no cooling-off period when you place your order. Therefore a transaction cannot be cancelled or reversed except at our discretion, and such requests will incur an administration charge of £5.50 per plate.

If you want to cancel an order please contact us ASAP by phone, outside office hours please email us (  we would suggest also following up with a phone call to confirm receipt of your email.

Order query time limit

Due to data legislation we are not able to retain order information for an indefinite period, therefore we can only hold detailed order information for 3 months so we can only answer queries within that period. Therefore please check your order is correct when you receive it, as we cannot offer replacements if you find it to be incorrect 6 months later (when it will be too late to determine the source of the error). 

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