Do we make plates for concourse cars?

We do not produce plates for concourse cars. If you would like to buy plates for such a vehicle please call us to discuss options.

Can we change the look (shape) of a digit?

Digits are made using a set of dies which are produced with a particular typeface, therefore we cannot change the typeface or font of any one digit. And we do not have multiple die sets for each digit size.

Do we supply 'show' plates and can I have black plates on my car?

Black plates with white/silver digits are only road-legal on historic (40+ year old) cars. Please do not order these styles for later registrations, doing so may incur a £5.50 admin charge to cancel and refund. If unsure please call us to discuss. (If they are being used as a sign i.e. not for a registration then that's not a problem.)

Does one 'pair' mean two plates and what do we mean by a pair?

A pair is two plates of the same registration. So if you order 2 pairs you will receive 4 plates. A 'Mixed Pair' or 'Non-Matched Pair' is two plates with the same registration but different shapes (i.e. one square and one oblong). If you want two plates with different registrations then that is not a pair, it is two singles (which are more expensive because it takes longer to make them).

How do I order one standard size plate with one non-standard size plate?

You select 'non-standard pair' (any pair that includes a non-standard plate is a non-standard pair). This is cheaper than buying a standard single and a non-standard single.

How long do plates normally take?

Please allow 10 days for standard delivery (via Royal Mail) to UK Mainland addresses. View all delivery options.

What plates are suitable for my car?

The cut-off for black and silver/white plates is a rolling 40 years old and they are only legal on vehicles with historic vehicle tax class (See DVLA Blog for details). After that all plates must be reflective.
No particular plate style is 'correct' for a specific vehicle model because the choice of plate style was down to the individual dealership who sold that car (however you can narrow down the styles by matching the correct era). Beyond that your personal preference ought to guide your choice of style, though you can also get ideas from online image search or classic car magazines.

Do you pre-drill plates?

We do not pre-drill our plates, because of the difference in fixing point locations.

What are the standard sizes of the plates?

The standard sizes for each style are shown when browsing the styles we offer. 

Do you make custom size plates?

Yes we do but not for all the styles. Where offered please specify the sizes you require in the 'additional info' field during checkout. Please note that some sizes dictate the size of the digits. Also due to the extra manufacturing they are more expensive.

What about my registration documents?

We will contact you after you have placed the order to give you instructions on delivery of your documents.

Can I collect my plates?

Yes from our address in Tonbridge, please call before you visit to check they are ready.

How are your plates made?

Our pressed aluminium plates are made by hand, in-house on an original 1950's press. Number plates of that era were made to comply with vehicle licensing regulations of that time. You can be assured that this provides you with the most authentic plate you can have for your vintage vehicle.

Do you offer hand-painted plates as well as duo-plates?

Standard sized plates of styles 1 and 6 are 'duo-plates' because they are made of two parts, the background colour is an inlayed material which is cut as the digits are pressed through from the back. These are the most common and affordable type of metal plates. We do not offer hand-painted reflective plates, but if you want a hand-painted silver-on-black pressed aluminium plate or of a heavier guage than the duo-plates, then that is what we supply for non-standard sizes - therefore select 'non-standard' of style 1 and put in the additional information box 'standard size please - I just want the heavier hand-painted type' (this applies to style 1 only, some of the other styles are hand-painted by default - if in doubt contact us for clarification).

Do you supply individual plastic digits?

Unfortunately we do not. Digits are only supplied on complete number plate. The plastic digits are attached to the plates with star washers.

Best technique to apply Self Adhesive Plates

Apply water to vehicle bonnet. Remove backing from plate and place plate on bonnet. Position plate squarely. Squeegy away excess water and any air bubbles and allow to dry.

What is a mixed pair versus a normal pair?

One square plate and one oblong plate with the same registration (as opposed to two plates exactly the same e.g. two oblongs or two squares).

Can we produce special characters like hyphens/dashes or dots?

No, since these have never been used in UK registrations we can only produce alphanumerics (A to Z and 0 to 9), with the exception of perspex and adhesive plates (at our discretion).

Can we offer Zero-VAT for customers abroad?

If you are off-shore and wish to pay VAT-free please call us to order - our website does not allow VAT removal and we cannot refund VAT retrospectively.

My order has arrived damaged what should I do?

In the unlikely event that you receive goods damaged in transit or faulty goods please contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We will replace any goods damaged in transit but please send us an email with photos.
Please note: we cannot refund or cancel an order simply due to damage caused in transit, but we will replace them without charge - just email us some photographs and we will then confirm that we are sending replacements. 

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